Phillyfit4u by Melissa Crowley (Gehrke)- Independent Beachbody Coach


What is FOCUS T25?

• In-home workouts designed to deliver an hour’s results in just 25 minutes a day.
• The latest creation by fitness expert and former track star Shaun T—who brought
the world INSANITY®. • Fast-paced routines that are jam-packed with dynamic, hi-intensity moves designed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

What is the target audience?

• Busy people who want to work out less time but still get great results.
• Those who enjoy a high-intensity, no-nonsense program that makes every minute count.
• Men and women who want to work out just 25 minutes a day to get in the best shape of their lives.

What do people love most about FOCUS T25?

• Even those people with incredibly tight schedules can always find 25 minutes a day to work out.
• Major studies have shown that 30 minutes of exercise can be just as effective at burning fat and even more efficient than 60 minutes of exercise.
• There’s always a modifier on screen, so literally anyone at any fitness level can GET IT DONE with FOCUS T25.

What should be done after completing the FOCUS T25 Base kit ALPHA and BETA Cycles?

• The Deluxe Kit GAMMA Cycle, which includes the next 4 weeks of FOCUS T25 workouts and advanced tools to help your customers get advanced results. Or, from the very start, you can combine GAMMA WITH BETA to ramp up your 10-week results!
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